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2016 December

Harnessing Electro-Magnetic Energy to Improve Health

December 27, 2016 | By | No Comments

We are excited to offer an alternative, cutting-edge therapy for individuals looking to enhance their overall health and wellbeing.

This new device is the Bemer Therapy Pad. The Bemer Pad is a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field(PEMF) therapy device. PEMF therapy is a relatively new approach to health and wellness that utilizes pulsing magnetic fields to stimulate increased blood flow and circulation in the body.  Pulsating electromagnetic fields influence cell behavior by inducing electrical changes around and within the cell, resulting in enhanced circulation.

The Bemer supports the body’s own healing process and maximizes health.
The Bemer enhances the following:
  • Blood circulation
  • Nutrient supply and oxygenation
  • Cardiac function
  • Waste removal
  • Energy and concentration
  • Sleep management
  • Stress management
I would strongly encourage you to b227675f-b888-488e-a65b-76dbb802a470watch video below to learn more about how Bemer technology works and its great health benefits. There are many more videos and video testimonials on YouTube if you are interested in learning more.
Recently I conducted a two-week Bemer trial with 6 of my clients. Each client experienced significantly positive results, and we are excited to share with you one of the first testimonials for the Bemer.
“When I began using the Bemer I did not expect miraculous results so quickly and was astonished by how great I felt. The following are just some of the things I experienced while using Bemer. A noticeable increase in energy, especially when used in the morning. I was sleeping much better, and actually sleeping through the entire night. One of the most surprising things I noticed was how quickly it alleviated muscle soreness. After doing pull-ups, I was so sore I could barely touch my lats. I used the Bemer that evening and was astonished when my muscle soreness was completely gone the next morning. I also experienced an immediate and significant decrease in my lower back pain. I was so surprised and excited by the noticeable benefits during this time and will definitely continue to use the Bemer. Looking forward to continued results!” – Mary Manshel, MRT Client
The Bemer Therapy Pad is an amazing device for clients looking to enhance their general health and is something everyone can benefit from. It is especially great for athletes looking to increase recovery time and decrease muscle soreness. The best part is that a Bemer treatment only takes 8 minutes to start improving your health.
Be sure to ask Mark about the Bemer Therapy Pad at your next appointment. If you would like to schedule a Bemer treatment, you can also call our office at (970) 449 9757 to schedule an appointment.
Bemer Therapy Package Prices
Packages permit clients up to two, 8-minute Bemer treatment per day for 5 days a week.
1-Month Package – $100/month 
Yearly Package – $900/year  ($300 savings)
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