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Get Your Antioxidant Levels Tested!

May 19, 2017 | By | No Comments

We had yet another great weekend of antioxidant testing. This months average antioxidant score of 31,000 was down from last months score of 37,000. The lowest score was 15,000. The highest score this month was 52,000, which happened to be my score. Each month I will be rescanning my antioxidant scores, as I continue working towards my personal goal of 60,000.
Everyone who tests their antioxidant scores, should be striving to reach a level of 50,000 or higher. 50,000 is considered the minimum level for optimal antioxidant health. As I have mentioned before, if you score 50,000 or higher I will pay for your antioxidant test. In addition I have decided to also donate $10 to Crossroads Safe House, for every client that scores of 50,000.
Crossroads Safe House provides shelter, safety, and assistance to abused men, women and children within the Fort Collins community.
We are continuing to offer antioxidant testing on a monthly basis for only $10. I encourage each and every one of you to be proactive about your health and join us at one of our next testing days. To reserve your spot, call our office at (970) 449 – 9757.
Upcoming Antioxidant Testing Dates
Saturday, May 20th           10 am – 12 pm
Saturday, June 17th           10 am- 12 pm
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