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Validity of Biophotonic Scanner

July 10, 2017 | By | No Comments

Over the last month I have received a few questions from MRT clients regarding the validity of the technology we are using to test antioxidant levels. The main questions asked were, “How can we be sure these results are accurate?”.
In this month’s newsletter, I would like to address the validity of the Biophotonic Scanner, which is the technology we are using at MRT to test clients antioxidant score.
Quick, Accurate, Affordable & Non-Invasive Results
With the Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner, we are able to provide our clients with a quick, accurate, and affordable method for measuring antioxidant levels. The Biophotonic Scanner provides individuals with an actionable benchmark for nutritional health and can be used to predict risk factors for diseases caused by oxidative stress.


Unlike other testing methods, which are expensive, painful, and time consuming, the Biophotonic Scanner is the FIRST technology to provide a quick, painless, and affordable method for testing antioxidant levels.


There are 3 methods other than the scanner that I am aware of for testing your antioxidant levels. The first is a urine test. The urine test is more expensive than the Biophotonic Scanner and it does not provide you with a concise antioxidant score. Rather, it provides you with a ‘pass or fail’ style of scoring. The urine test is also far less accurate since it is not measuring the levels of nutrients that actually end up being absorbed by cells.
The second method is a blood test. Similar the urine test, a blood sample provides you with information regarding the levels of nutrients passing through your blood, but it does not provide information regarding cell absorption.
The third method is the gold stand for accurate results, yet it is far more painful and expensive. This method requires the removal of a significant piece of skin tissue, which is then analyzed in a lab.
According to dozens of peer-reviewed research publications (which you can view here) the Biophotonic Scanner provides clear benefits over the other available testing methods.
  • It is the most affordable method for assessing overall antioxidant levels. We only charge $10 for testing here, other healthcare providers charge $40-$50 for the same test.
  • It provides immediate results. Testing takes less than one minute.
  • It is painless, compared to other methods. The urine test is also painless, but it is also far less accurate. The skin sample, which is the most accurate test happens to be expensive and very painful.
  • The Biophotonic Scanner is just as accurate as skin sample testing. After scrutinized testing, dozens of peer-reviewed research publications have confirmed that the results of the Biophotonic Scanner are just as accurate as the most concise testing methods.
In 2000 The Journal of Investigative Dermatology published research confirming that the Biophotonic Scanners method for measuring antioxidant levels matched the measurements obtained from skin samples. These results established the Biophotonic Scanner as the leading method obtaining rapid, accurate, and affordable antioxidant scores.
The Biophotonic Scanner is an incredible, cutting-edge technology that we are fortunate enough to have access to at MRT. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share this technology with my clients. My hope is that clients will use the Biophotonic Scanner to learn more about their health and to make nutritional changes that enhance their antioxidant scores.
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