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Therapeutic Massage

Sports/Orthopedic Massage Treatment

In a sports and orthopedic massage I will assess any signs, symptoms, and/or postural deviations that may be causing your pain and prepare an effective treatment plan, resulting in relief from pain and dysfunction. This massage will sometimes be invigorating rather than relaxing and will involve client participation in order to provide the most effective treatment possible. Sport and Orthopedic massage is effective at treating compression syndromes such and carpel tunnel and thoracic outlet syndrome and can also provide relief from TMJ dysfunction, frozen shoulder, chronic headaches, whiplash, chronic low back pain, and much more.

Swedish Massage

A smooth, rhythmic massage that incorporates long, gliding strokes to increase circulation, promote relaxation and ease tension.

Integrative Massage Treatment

This massage integrates the best of the best. Incorporating deep tissue massage techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, neuromuscular technique, myofascial release, and cross-fiber friction with relaxing, flowing Swedish massage techniques and energy work for balance and grounding.

Lymph Facilitation

A massage technique for reducing inflammation and associated nerve pain resulting from acute injury, strain, sprain, repetitive overuse syndrome, surgery, and burns. It works by manually facilitating the lymphatic flow in order to drain excess fluid from the body’s cells and tissues.


About Julia DeDiemar

Julia DeDiemar is the newest member of the Muscle Restoration Team. Julia graduated in April 2011 from the Institute for Business and Medical Careers with a degree in Therapeutic Massage. Her diverse training includes Sports and Orthopedic massage, Swedish Massage, Neuromusclelar Technique, Trigger Point Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Chakra Healing and Reflexology.

She has taken advanced training and achieved numerous certifications, including Core Techniques and Foundations of Orthopedic and Sports Massage and Sports Injuries, Dysfunctions of the Cervical Spine and Upper Extremity and Sports Injuries and Dysfunctions of the Lumbar Spine and Lower Extremity.

Julia’s experience working as a massage therapist includes working for the Poudre Valley Hospital for the Twenty Three Trees Medical and Wellness Spa, The Institute of Business and Medical Careers’ Massage Clinic, and working as a massage therapist for the Integrative Acupuncture Clinic in Old Town Fort Collins.

Julia’s diverse training and specialization in sports massage makes her the perfect addition to the Muscle Restoration team. She understands our clients needs and is able to provide them with individualized treatments, a comfortable environment and an unforgettable experience.