Chronic Inflammation

Acute Inflammation is the body’s healthy response to an injury or short-term condition. However, when cells experience ongoing inflammation, it becomes chronic. Chronic Inflammation can go undetected for years and research shows it’s responsible for pain and many lifestyle-related diseases, such as:
  • Diabetes

  • Heart Disease

  • Cancer

  • Alzheimer’s and others

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Benefits of Optimal Omega-3 Levels

Battle Cellular Aging

A JAMA study suggests individuals with a higher Omega-3 Index have a 65% slower cellular aging process.

Farzaneh-Far et al. JAMA 2010: 303(3): 250-257.

Increase Cardiovascular Benefits

An omega-3 index of >8% is associated with 90% less risk for sudden cardiac death, as compared to an omega-3 index of <4%.

von Schacky C, et al. Cardiovasc Res. 2007 15;73(2)

Improve Neck & Back Inflamation

Higher Omega-3 levels can reduce the incidence of neck & back pain and reduce the need for medication.

Lembke et all. J Sports Sci Med.2014 Jan:13(1):151-156.

Reduce Risk of Memory Loss & Dementia

Low Omega-3 Index scores are associated with accelerated brain aging and lower cognitive abilities.

Tan et al. Neurology:2012:78:658-664.

Decrease Muscle And Joint Pain

A high Omega-3 Index may provide effective pain relief for people with chronic muscle and joint pain.

Cleland et al. Nutrition & Dietetics. 2009:66;4-6.

Manage A Healthy Weight

Six weeks of increased EPA & DHA significantly improved lean muscle mass & decreased body fat in healthy adults. 

Noreen et al. J Int. Soc. Of Sports Nutrition 2010:7:31.

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