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Why do you have pain?

The initiation of a muscle contraction occurs much like a switch turning on a light. Electrical energy is transferred via the nervous system from the brain to the muscles. Your body has many “switches,” each connected with its own separate “wires.” When your body is functioning properly all of the switches are connected and each muscle will contract on demand. This allows the body to function very efficiently.

Due to stress, trauma or overuse, the electrical connections can become altered, creating a reaction in the body similar to that of loose or broken wires in a light switch. The result? Your muscles function improperly and other muscles begin to compensate. Over time, these compensation patterns produce altered alignment in the joint, leading to joint instability and discomfort. Pain is the last symptom that something is wrong.

How do we ease pain?

Muscle pain and joint instability can be eliminated and even prevented by getting your muscles to function properly. Range-of-motion evaluations and comprehensive muscle testing allow us to identify muscular imbalances and poor neurological connections. We then use a variety of state-of-the-art treatments and techniques to restore the proper neural connections and correct the muscular imbalances. Specific exercises are provided to help you reinforce and maintain these connections.

Treatments provide the ability for the body to function the way it was designed to function. They do not wear off like most medicines, electrical stimulation, heat or ice. On the contrary, they increase your body’s own healing power and enhance that process.

Mark Rise – Muscle Restoration

Mark Rise – Muscle Restoration


Mark is the owner and founder of Muscle Restoration Therapy. He has a passion to help others and deliver positive results. Mark uses a client-centered, personalized approach to determine the right treatment for clients of all ages. Mark designed and developed an innovative technique resulting in a systematic approach to biomechanically test and treat muscle dysfunction. He is the first therapist in the nation to combine the use of a low-level laser with techniques learned from massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic which ultimately led to the formation of Muscle Restoration Therapy. Mark is currently the only therapist in the nation practicing this specialized treatment.

Mark received his Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science from the University of Nebraska. He graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy with honors, is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Muscle Activation Specialist, a Muscle Restoration Therapist in addition to holding previous certifications from ACSM, NASM, and ACE. Mark enjoys the great Colorado outdoors with favorites including snowshoeing, skiing, wakeboarding, hiking, and mountain biking. He’s an avid concert enthusiast and loves live music. For the past ten years, Mark has used his experience, his education and training, as well as extensive research to design a unique, healing practice. His knowledge of anatomy combined with his extensive professional expertise and compassionate approach drive his primary objective “to help clients be pain-free as quickly as possible”.

Andoni Ibarzabal –

Andoni Ibarzabal –

Muscle Activation Technique Specialist

Andoni moved to Fort Collins from Spain with his wife Olaia. He worked as a physical therapist for a rugby team at the Spanish main rugby league. Since 2012, Andoni has worked to improve his client’s injuries which stems from his love for practicing sports. He has treated rugby players and all kinds of athletes from triathletes to trail runners, as well as weight-lifters, soccer, and basketball players. Andoni is a physical therapist, Osteopath Muscle Activation Technique Specialist, and a physical education teacher.

Risk Free Guarantee label

Feel at least 50% Better by the end

of your 1st Session or it’s FREE!

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