About Muscle Restoration

What types of issues does Muscle Restoration treat?

Lower Back & Neck Pain
Ankle, Knee & Hip Pain
Shoulder, Elbow & Wrist Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow
Sprains & Strains
Headaches & TMJ
Tendinitis & Bursitis
Achilles Heel pain
and more

Does Muscle Restoration Treatment hurt?

While everyone reacts to treatments differently, this process should be relatively pain-free. See what some of our clients are saying about the treatment by clicking here.

How does MRT identify Muscle Dysfunction?

MRT uses range-of-motion assessments and manual muscle testing identify muscle dysfunction. Once identified, he uses a variety of state-of-the-art treatments to restore proper function.

How do I know ARCC LED light therapy is safe?

The full body ARCC-ATP bed MRT uses for treatment has been in use in Europe, Asia and Canada for more than 30 years before coming to the United States, and is an FDA approved treatment.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee that you’ll feel at least 50% better by the end of your first session or it’s FREE on MRT treatments.

Can I look further into your methods?

Of course, we encourage you to. Click here to see What We Do, or click here to read testimonials from our other clients.

Who is Mark?

Mark Rise has a background as personal trainer, massage therapist, and in Muscle Activation Techniques. He is constantly exploring and implementing new ways to help people heal and live pain free. Click here to read more about Mark.