Full Body ARCC LED Light Therapy

Feel, Think, Look, Perform Better.

Cells are the building blocks of the tissues, organs, and systems in your body.

ARCC LED light therapy makes the cells healthier,
with healthier cells, the entire body is healthier.

How does ARCC LED light therapy help your body?

Relieves Pain

A common benefit associated with LED light therapy is it has analgesic and protective effects on nerve fibers. In other words, it decreases pain.

Decreases Inflammation

Decreased inflammation affects the root cause of 70% of mortality diseases including diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, heart disease, and cancer!

Increases Circulation

Increases circulation through angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels) and the release of nitric oxide to relax arterial walls improves both the quality and volume of circulation in the body, which increases nutrient transfer to the cells.

Improves energy production

Mitochondria are known as the “powerhouse” of the cell. They are organelles that act like a powerplant which takes in nutrients, breaks them down, and creates energy-rich molecules for the cell. Mitochondria are the working organelles that keep the cell full of energy.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Improves both the cell thickness and elasticity of skin cells, helping with fine lines and wrinkles. A current theory on aging suggests that as we age, the mitochondria become damaged by free radicals and toxicity.

LED Light Therapy and the Mighty Mitochondria.

Full body LED light therapy improves both the size and number of mitochondria in your cells, in turn creating more energy.

Photobiomodulation has been shown to slow, halt and even reverse Mitochondrial Dysfunction and improve the production of ATP.

What this does is improve athletic performance, decrease recovery time,

and gives you more energy throughout the day!

ARCC-LED only 4-22-2023

Full Body ARCC LED Light Therapy

Now $150 per Package


With each package, you get 10 full sessions on the ARCC-ATP bed! Other places charge over $60 for each session. Experience the benefits that you can get with Full Body LED Light Therapy!

Claire Van Hull, R.N.

I have been using the ARCC-LED light bed for approximately 2 years, typically twice each week. I have peripheral neuropathy that mostly affects my calves and feet. It has been a significant problem for me and has impacted my ability to run and exercise, and also affects my sleep. However, when I consistently use the light bed, I see huge improvements including virtually eliminating all pain and swelling. I can run and exercise and I sleep better.

Doctor recommendations included medication and even surgery. However, my experience has been that the light bed is the way to go. Thanks Mark!

Donna O.

I’ve used the ARCC- LED bed for 3 different things that have produced amazing results.

  1. I had gum surgery and my Dr was amazed at how fast I healed. He questioned whether I’d had surgery, and actually consulted his notes it was such incredible healing.
  2. I had a proximal humerus fracture (shoulder) with a bad break, once again my Dr was shocked at my bone density and growth in the short time they tracked me. I was doing the bed twice a week during that and I also found it helped with the excruciating pain, mobility and let me sleep much better.
  3. I recently lost a tooth and had an implant, once again my mouth created excellent, solid bone much faster than normal and my Peridontist was in awe, asking me what I’d done.

I have x-ray proof of the bone growth.

While I’ve done the bed for healing I noticed it also affects and improves my energy and state of mind.

The ARCC-LED is truly worth my time, and I plan on continuing.            

K. McGinley

I have been coming to MRT for years and was using the ARRC-LED regularly. I liked the results I was getting, but a friend convinced me to try another LED bed. I quit going to MRT and started using the other bed. The other bed had a lot more settings on it, it was more expensive, and it was 30 minutes per session.

I started back at MRT 3 weeks ago, was seeing Mark for treatment, and started back using the ARRC-LED regularly. I saw an immediate improvement in my ability to feel better and do more throughout the day. I am on the road to recovery! I could tell the difference between the ARRC-LED bed and the other bed immediately. Price does not guarantee the outcome.

I am back on the ARRC-LED bed and couldn’t be happier!

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about a sustained treatment plan using the ARCC LED for full body light therapy, please get in touch with us!

We’re happy to help!

Contact us for availability, directions, or for anything you need. We can’t wait to hear from you!


The ARCC LED Package

 If at the end of your 10 sessions you don’t notice a difference in how you feel we will give you a complete refund.

(Requires 2 sessions per week for 5 consecutive weeks to qualify.)

Now that is a great deal for 2 reasons: first, there is no risk to try and second, $150 is practically giving the ARRC-ATP away.

You can expect to pay $60 or more for one session elsewhere!