Massage Club

The MRT Massage Club is an affordable way to treat yourself to the benefits of regular massage.  Studies have shown that massage has cumulative physical and emotional benefits if done on a regular basis. In addition to relieving stress and promoting physical and emotional wellness, regular massage is also an incredible compliment to Muscle Restoration Therapy Treatments. Massage increases muscle function, reduces pain, and is a powerful tool for preventing future pain and injuries, not to mention it feels GREAT!

Massage Club Members receive at least six, 60 massages at a discounted rate of $54 (regular price $64). In addition to a discounted rate, members receive their 7th massage FREE.

        • “After each session with Julia, I feel incredible. Julia listens to what my body needs and alters the massage to target the areas that need the most attention. She is truly amazing with her hands and I can feel the healing happen as she massages!” – Tammy Arado
        • “Julia is the most talented and knowledgeable of all the massage therapists I have worked with.” – Janet Egan