Muscle Restoration Treatment

Innovative Rehabilitation Approach

Developed by Mark Rise, this unique approach incorporates the use of manual

stimulation and cutting edge therapy techniques

to treat acute/chronic pain and injuries.

The focus of this treatment is to test and treat muscle dysfunction,

which is the underlying cause of pain and discomfort.

What Issues Does Muscle Restoration Help?

Muscle Pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome


TMJ Issues

Joint Pain

Sprains and strains

Sprains and strains

Tendonitis & Arthritis

Sciatica and more

Running Injuries

I went to Mark to address the hip pain I was experiencing when I ran. I had already spent a considerable amount of time and money on other therapies, but was having no success. After only 2 sessions, I didn’t have the pain. Furthermore, I realized that I was accomplishing more with my running with less exertion. Everything I do, running, swimming, or cycling, feels better. I can’t think of any other kind of therapy that accomplishes so much in so little time.

S. Jackson

Back Pain - Skiing Injury

A skiing accident left me with a spinal cord injury and a severe strength deficiency on my right side. No matter how much strength training I did, there was no improvement. I was skeptical of Mark’s treatment. There was some improvement in our sessions, but would it hold up to the true test of trail running and biking?

Amazingly, my stride didn’t slow on my trail runs and I have even hit my best time. It was the same with my biking. Mark’s treatments definitely worked for me.

– F. Donahue

Knee Pain

I have a history of knee problems, including instability and pain from injuries and surgeries. When I saw Mark for the first time, not only could I not do my regular 3 ½ mile walk, I could barely walk from my car across the parking lot to my office.

The results from my sessions with Mark have been dramatic and unexpected. Within days I was able to return to my regular walks and my knee was strengthened at least 35%. Mark’s continued work with me has greatly increased my leg strength and made my work-outs more effective.

– F. Johnson, Jr.

Muscular Man suffering from back and neck pain.

Muscle Restoration

Feel at least 50% Better by the end

of your 1st Session or it’s FREE!


$125.00 Per 1 Hour Session

$875.00 for 8 Sessions

(Save $125 – Buy 7, Get One FREE)