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Muscle Restoration Treatment Pricing

1 Hour

PhotoBioModulation Pricing

Get Full Body, Multiwave PBM with the advanced ARCC-LED Using photons of light to create positive changes in the cells. Cells are the building blocks of the tissues, organs and systems, so if we can make the cells healthier, then the entire body should effectively get healthier.

8 Session package

Manufacturer recommends 2 sessions per week for maximum results.  Additional Packages Available – please call.

Additional Packages Available – please call.

Cold Laser Therapy Pricing

Cold Laser Therapy is a great treatment for clients suffering from a variety of chronic and acute conditions, including general muscle dysfunction, broken bones, tears, sprains, and post surgery recovery. Cold Laser Therapy is a powerful compliment to Muscle Restoration Treatments because it dramatically increases healing time for most clients.

10 Sessions



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Packages are good for one year
from date of purchase.

*Versus booking one session at-a-time.