Muscular Man suffering from back and neck pain.

Target / Power Massage

Crafted to meet the unique demands of your body

This session employs an innovative blend of our advanced power massager and high-intensity percussive massage guns. These tools work synergistically to penetrate deep into muscle tissue, quelling pain at its source and unwinding troublesome knots. Unlike traditional massage, this visit is done with clothes on and does not use any oil or lotion, which means you can get the same benefits but be much more efficient with your time. Feel the difference as this tailored approach not only alleviates immediate discomfort but also promotes long-term muscle health.

  • Comprehensive approach to muscle pain relief
  • Tailored to your specific body needs
  • Incorporates both a high-powered massager and dynamic percussive massage guns
  • Concentrated on delivering both immediate pain relief and enduring muscle function
  • Designed to support ongoing care with regular follow-up sessions
  • Perfectly suited for active individuals with demanding schedules
  • Delivered in a setting that values your time and budget


This type of massage utilizes Power-Massage Tools to give people the benefits of a regular massage in a fraction of the time!

Power-Massage is the fast and affordable way to incorporate the benefits of massage into your life.  This Massage is done fully clothed and without the use of any oils or lotions.  A Power-Massage session can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, or up to 30 minutes for those of you that need more work.  Power-Massage can be done in addition to regular massage or as a stand-alone therapy for those of you that do not like massage.

What is the difference between Target Massage and Power-Massage?

Target Massage is focused on a specific group of muscles, while power-massage utilizes power tools and can be done in addition to regular massage.

Try a 15-minute Power-Massage today!  If you don’t like it for any reason it’s FREE!!

Shane L.

Before seeing MRT I had back pain daily. After one visit and some simple exercises I was given, I can say it’s been 2 weeks and the back pain is gone. I’m impressed and incredibly grateful.

Before this, I went to 2 different chiropractors and did a bunch of yoga, which helped, but never had the pain disappear. Thanks you guys.

Susan B.

MRT has been a vital part of my ‘self care’ for a number of years! But, only recently have I discovered the exceptional benefits of utilizing the ‘full body 30 minute massage’ with the Buffer! In my opinion, it is far superior to a regular hand massage, as it stimulates blood flow and assists in lymphatic clearing, which equates to a full body ‘reboot’ and a ‘boost’ to my immune system! I take advantage of these sessions every two weeks and look forward to how great I feel, as I bid a fond farewell to the guys as I’m walking out the door! I love this most recent addition to my health care protocol!

Chris B.

I was referred to MRT by a friend who suffered from back pain and had great results.
I was having severe pain in my lower back and hip. I was very limited in my daily life. I had been to a spine specialist, physical therapist and pain management without any positive results. I started working with Mark and his team and the results were positive but was still uncomfortable until I really focused on doing the “homework “ exercises!! Once I was doing these regularly the improvement was incredible . I am back to doing the activities I enjoy in 2 months.

Remember, our programs are not just for the strength-seeking athletes but for anyone experiencing muscle pain or joint instability. We’re here to provide alternative therapies and techniques that work.

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