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The Power-Massage

April 25, 2017 | By | No Comments

It would be incredible to receive a massage several times a month, but realistically most of us just don’t have the time, the money, or both. I know the feeling well.

Fortunately, we have a solution for you. Many of our clients have experienced a service we call Target Massage. Target Massage is a therapeutic treatment that utilizes multiple tools to help clients heal faster. One of those tools is a massage buffer. Over the years our Target Massage clients have continually commented on how relaxing and enjoyable the massage buffer is. Clients say they love coming in for the Target Massage sessions just for the massage buffer.

So, we have decided to try something new.  We will now be offering 15-minute full body Power-Massages. If you have had a bad day and need to reset, come in for a 15-minute Power-Massage.  If you have had a hard workout or need to recover from playing a sport or game, the 15-minute Power-Massage is the perfect treatment for you!

The Power-Massage is done fully clothed and it only takes 15 minutes. It is a quick and convenient way to get 15 minutes of relaxation into your busy life.


$22.50 for 15-minute treatment

$175 for a 10-Pack (Save $50)

$300 for a 20-Pack (Save $150)

Scheduling Your 15-Minute Buffer Massage

Buffer Massages will be scheduled with our massage therapists, Colton or Abel. When booking online, schedule a Buffer Massage. Be sure to also let them know if you have specific areas you would like them to focus on.

To schedule your full body Buffer Massage you can go online or call the office at (970) 449 – 9757.

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